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Accountants since 1998

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"Studio Rosa was founded in Milan in 1998 and expanded to the capital city territory in 2021. The studio offers personalized solutions for companies, professionals, and individuals, providing a wide range of services."

Since 1998

Our history

a family story

Our story begins when Alessandra Simona Rosa, at the age of 29, opens her own studio and decides to involve her parents.
A story that is told in reverse...


Corporate consultancy

"Establishment and administration of the company, aimed at achieving specific business goals.

Tax consultancy

Resolution of issues concerning direct and indirect companies.

Labor consultancy

Payroll processing, financial flow monitoring, and corporate documentation.

Administrative consultancy

Retrieval of economic information related to business management.

Contractual assistance

Consulenza prestata nella stesura dei contratti d'impresa e in tutte le fasi delle trattative.

Corporate training

Customized training interventions and teaching of innovative and effective methodologies.