A family story

Our story is one told in reverse. Yes, I was the beginning of everything; it all started with me. After graduating, three years of practice, passing the state exam, and a couple of years working at a firm where I already managed my own clients independently, at 29, I opened my own studio and involved both of my parents, who at the time were engaged in other activities, to join me on this adventure. My father supported me throughout this journey, and my mother, already skilled in administration, didn't hesitate to lend a hand. There couldn't have been a better choice: I've cherished every moment with them. Dad worked for and with me for 23 years, and mom still stands by my side!!! Stefano Rosa, an entrepreneur since 1970, marks a fundamental path for the current studio. Consistency, hospitality, and elegance have characterized him, and perseverance, joy, and radiance in being alongside and within the professional reality have become a gift. A great gift.
Alessandra Simona Rosa